Marlie becomes a deader, with but one power over the living: to enter their dreams. But in deaderville as in life, not all is as it seems. Why is she starting to like the client she’s haunting? Who is Sam, really? And is another murder truly the answer?

The world of quicks – the living – is under attack: by Sam; by the deaders Marlie unwittingly created; and by a series of events that apparently have natural causes. Marlie would kill to get someone on her side. Or would she? Can she?

Sam and his army of deaders have set quick against quick in a world going mad. Marlie is all that stands between him and his plan. Her only chance is to convince her original client to change sides. But Lori, Marlie’s high-school antagonist, is vicious, manipulative, and convinced she’s found her life’s – or death’s – work. Marlie learns Sam’s true goal, that easy answers are never good ones, and that she’s the quicks’ only hope to get out alive.